ant To Lose Weight? Choose Healthy Nutrition, Not A Fad Diet
When most people want to lose weight, they choose a fad diet. Healthy nutrition would be a much wiser choice. Why? Most fad diets call for a drastic reduction in calories and vital nutrients. With reduced caloric and nutrient intake, your metabolism slows, your energy reserves are quickly depleted, and you damage vital organs. For sustained, healthy weight loss, your body needs nutritious food and proper nutrition.
It's amazing, if you feed your body healthy nutritious food, it will naturally shed excess weight until it reaches its normal, healthy, optimum weight. If you're over weight, you'll lose that excess weight with no hunger pangs or any feelings deprivation. (If you're under weight, you'll gain the weight your body needs.)
4 Simple Rules For Healthy, Nutritious Weight Loss
1. Avoid processed foods like the plague (you should do this anyway). Anytime food is boxed, frozen, canned, dried, deep fried, pre-cooked, or infused with preservatives or flavorings, it has gone through a molecular change. This change, in many instances, makes the food foreign to your body. In other words, your body is unable to completely digest and assimilate many processed foods. Your body then stores this foreign material as fat deposits inside your body. This escalates your chances of diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, cancer, and many other illnesses.
2. Stay away from sugar. Sugar is jet fuel for your body. Problem is, your body does not required jet fuel unless you are a very active athlete or have a physically demanding job. If you use sugar to sweeten food and beverages every day; if you drink soda, flavored fruit juices, or other sweetened juices eery day, you are taking in excessive amounts of sugar. Your body will simply store this excess as fat and you'll gain weight instead of losing weight.
3. Eat enough food. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make in trying to lose weight. They mistakenly think they need to deprive their body of food. Since they are depriving their body of the necessary food it needs to function, their body compensates by adding even more to its fat reserves. To lose healthy weight, your body needs adequate healthy food. Not excessive healthy food, but adequate healthy food. When your body gets adequate healthy food so it can function properly, you will then lose weight.
4. Critically important - drink plenty of water. Just like needing adequate healthy food, your body needs adequate clear, clean water. Not liquids like coffee or flavored fruit juice that actually dehydrate your body, your body needs water. Your digestive system especially needs water a lot of water to function properly. All your body organs need adequate water to function properly. Water also helps to metabolize fat and cleanse your body of toxins.
Is Exercise A Necessary Ingredient In Healthy Nutrition?
When you follow a healthy nutrition plan, you will probably lose weight. However without exercise, your metabolism will slow down and chances are, you will not achieve your optimum body weight.
Your exercise program should include cardio and weight. For example, cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Weights on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Now, before you panic, your exercise program does not need to be heavy. Fifteen minutes a day is adequate. Fifteen minutes two or three times a day is even better. Your weights do not need to be heavy. For most women, 5 lbs. weights, for most men 10 lbs. weights. The weights will simply help you build lean muscle tissue and sculpt a lean frame.
Healthy Nutrition and Exercise Is The Only Way
There are no short cuts to healthy weight loss. Making the decision is your first step. Be patient and steady, don't expect overnight results. If you are systematic, you will achieve your optimum body weight without ever feeling hungry or deprived of food. The big reward is this, your optimum body weight will now be your permanent body weight, as long as you make healthy nutrition your lifestyle.
What if you simply can't control your body weight, no matter how hard you try?
I know how hard it is to try a new program, lose a few pounds, only to gain it all back again and again. The depression and discouragement that comes from failing time after time, no matter how hard you try, is truly devastating.
There is a solution. It's simple and easy, no dangerous pills, no expensive foods, no hunger pangs, and your body will naturally gravitate to your perfect, optimum weight.