It seems that everything centers on diet in today's age. Most probably, because people are taking more interest in the nutritional aspects of food as opposed to what tastes good.

The hair has an interest in nutrition as well. There is some controversy as to whether food really plays an important part in the overall condition of our hair. The bigger question here would be why wouldn't food have an impact on our general hair health? Food sustains every other part of body and our hair is a living part of our anatomy.
Based on the premise that food is important to hair health raises the interesting question of is there certain foods that are more beneficial than others are? If we look at some of our other organs, they benefit more significantly from specific food types. For example, it is reported that carrots are extremely good in aiding our vision.
We know that iron is important for every inch of our body, including the hair. Having said this then one would be wise to go for foods that are rich in iron. This brings us to the iron rich vitamins such as spinach and in the meat department, it would be liver. If these are not on your favorites list then you could go for eggs, dates and raisins.
Vitamin E especially in its natural form is excellent and in fact a necessity for the body as well as the hair. Avocado, nuts, seeds as well as olive oil will provide you with these necessities.
There is some substantial information that points to spices like turmeric and cumin are beneficial in helping hair grow and coconut helps to ward off premature graying.
So then, if we proceed on the belief that there are certain foods that are beneficial to the hair we would also have to believe that there are certain foods that may not be so good for it. After all, if there are bad foods for the body then the hair has to be included.
One nutrient that people do not pay too much heed to and yet is very important to our overall body and hair condition is sulphur as found in meat, fish, nuts, legumes and several vegetables particularly onions.
It is fast becoming a known fact that caffeine and aerated drinks can have a detrimental effect on the overall health. It would be interesting to study what effects sugar has on the hair. We are well aware that there are many types of illness that can affect the hair in regards to hair shine and healthy hair.
Not only is what we eat important for our hair but what we do to it and how we care for it is equally as important. Using superior hair care products will go a long way in keeping your hair in good hair condition as well as keeping it manageable.